Birth of a new African fantasy

Kiro’o Tales can be translated as  “the stories of Kiro’o”.  This expression is derived from  “Kiroho Maono”  in Swahili which means  “Spiritual Vision” .

An example of African Fantasy decoration based on Kiro’o Tales. An example of scenery in Kiro’o African Fantasy

The Kiro’o genre does not have the pretension of reinventing the wheel in every area, but suggests the improvement of existing ingredients with non negligible added value.

The genre must enable a maximum number of human beings to identify with the elements that will be handled in the game (and in other works) which come from it.

 Process of tapping from Kiro’o tales and Kiro’o blend.

To this day, we have observed that African art has done much in the construction of the continent’s history and its initial cultural wealth. This explains why those who came before us concentrated a lot on the creation of works (books, films, etc) which recounted the history of Africa, as well as its forgotten traditions and myths. However, very few works dwell on the fantastic or progressive possibilities of this culture. 

Example of “coloo” (looting calabash) a kind of digital calabash which functions with Aurion

We therefore believe that in order to continue the work of those who worked before us, we can pave the way for an African culture which sublimates itself. We also offer a model of thinking to the world which could inspire  the “globalization generation”  , for a future which focuses more on the best of the human being, in accordance with their spiritual and physical environment.

« Kiro’o Tales does not set itself as an African tool for    “cultural clashes”  , but as an ointment for their harmony. That is the reason why it will also integrate the best from various sources.

Kiro’o does not engage in the race for the most  “distracting”   genre but wants to launch the race for the most  “awakening”   genre in the area of video games.

Through Kiro’o Tales, Africa should give itself the role of the continent which will favor the unity of the world more than ever before by drawing inspiration from the values of cohesion present in most of our traditions seen in our relations with others and with nature (a deep sense of family, respect of natural resources, etc) .

Beyond the video game

The Kiro’o Tales genre sets for itself that ambition of going further than the video game. It can and should be a source of inspiration for all the activities connected to entertainment, culture, etc.: cartoons, comics, movies, etc. We think that the Americans offered Comics to the artistic world and the Japanese offered Mangas; Africans will in turn offer the Kiro’o.

Subventions to Kiro’o Tales

To support our activity, the Kiro’o Team calls on all souls of good will around the world. Philantropists, benefactors or simple fans can make a gift to this initiative. For more information write to us at .


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Cameroon's first ever video games, Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan, features an African hero, and is part of a growing video games industry across Africa.

Heenali PATEL

CNN, Journalist

The Guardian

Kiro’o, and the ascendent African game industry as a whole, is an important part of a blooming tech startup culture, driven by young people.


The Guardian, Journalist


Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan, A Video Game that transports players to a different kind of Africa.


KOTAKU, Videogames Writer


Aurion design and feel are unmistakably fresh, offering a bold color palette and interesting unit designs.


POLYGON, Video Game Reporter


Aurion is a fast-paced brawler that gives you access to loads of fantastical combos with which you defeat your enemies.



Joel Couture

Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan has deep, intricate combat for a game whose story focuses on togetherness and community.


Indiegames.Com, Author & Editor


Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan is an incredibly interesting game...The closest comparisons I can make are the very different games Dust: An Elysian Tail and Dusty Revenge, who all have a similar flow to their combat.


DESTRUCTOID, Videogames Writer

Rock Paper Shotgun

As with Never Alone, it’s great to have more games teaching about unfamiliar cultures.




Aurion, future étoile du jeu vidéo africain ?

PLAYTIME, le blog de la culture jeux vidéo

Partners and mentors

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Kiroo recruits for 10 positions (admin, marcom, coders, draftsmen)

Kiro'o Games recrute ceux qui veulent changer le monde Join us only if you feel you are a wallbreaker in your soul.

kiroo games capital is officially open with 150 000 usd subscribed in 6 days !!

Yaoundé, 10 April 2019, After few weeks of teasing, one of the top references of African video games, Officially launches the opening of its capital to national and international Private Investors.

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