Presentation of the Kiro’o Team

Family picture of the Kiro’o Games Team: this picture was taken on the day the Studio was opened, December 02, 2013.Family picture of the team in December 2013 during the launching of the studio

The team has had several members and teams during its 10 years of existence. Every team succeeded to maintain the Gamer Design Spirit and to hand over the mantle to the next generation.

Main founders of the studio

 MADIBA Guillaume Olivier, Studio Founder and Lead ProjectMADIBA Guillaume OlivierCameroonCEO / Game Designer /script writer / Programming
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 YAKAN Dominique Brand, Kiro'o Games consultant YAKAN Dominique BrandBelgium(Consultation) : Illustration/ Computer graphics/ Game Design
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 WOUAFO Nono Hugues, Studio consultantWOUAFO Nono HuguesFrance(Consultation) IA Conception / Scenario/ Game Design
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Leads du studio

BASSANGNA Jean-Yves, Studio Co-Lead Project and Sound DesignerBASSANGNA Jean-Yves CameroonCo-lead Project / Sound Designer
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MELI Patrick Herve, Kiro'o Games Lead DesignerMELI Patrick HerveCameroonLead Designer
TCHEKOULONG Delphin, Studio Lead ProgrammerTCHEKOULONG DelphinCameroonLead Programmer
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PONDY Georges, Kiro'o Games Studio Lead ArtistPONDY GeorgesCameroonLead Artist
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Central team

This is the team working full time on the development of the game AURION : Legacy of the Kori-Odan. The studio comprises a total number of  19 workers (including the leads and founders).

Administrative and commercial team (3) :

  • BOYOGUENO AGOMBA Roland Peryal (Business Developer)
  • KAMDOM LOKDOM Odile Sorelle (Marketing and Communication/ Community Manager and Press Relations)
  • NSANGOU Mouhamed  (Administrative Assistant)

Programming team (2)

  • BESONG ORU Samuel (Programmer)
  • NDOUOP Roger (Programmer)

Team of artists/computer graphics (9)

  • MINLO Stéphane Cédric (Drawing PNJ and UMOJA)
  • ZAMBO MENGUE Michel  (Drawing, decorations and panorama)
  • NGASSI André (Drawing, decorations and panorama)
  • NGANDE Martial (Character designer)
  • FOKOUA Félix (Drawing, decorations and panorama)
  • SIMO KUATE Alain (Animator)
  • NGOUNOU Ivan  (Kinematic animation)
  • KWEI NYOBE Gabriel (Special effects, combat and ambiance)
  • NDJEBAYI MATIKE Jacques Oscar (UI/UX design, video editing and webdesign)

Team of consultants 

Besides the main team working full time, the studio absorbs benevolent workers working part time and some passionate in Cameroon or abroad who bring a significant contribution to the final quality of the project.

Administrative and communication consultants

  • TONYE DIPENDE Donatien / Cameroon
  • YAKAN Daniel / Belgium

Programming consultant

  • NONO WOUAFO Hugues

Gamedesign consultant

  • YAKAN Brand Dominique

Illustration and computer graphics consultant

  • Pamela NGOUOGHE (person who drew Erine)


  • Kamer Game Yaoundé (KAGAMY)
  • MANGA Marco
  • Steven Ze Wize
  • MBARGA Nleme
  • MELI Alex
  • Franck Mario
  • NGAMBY Vincent


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Cameroon's first ever video games, Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan, features an African hero, and is part of a growing video games industry across Africa.

Heenali PATEL

CNN, Journalist

The Guardian

Kiro’o, and the ascendent African game industry as a whole, is an important part of a blooming tech startup culture, driven by young people.


The Guardian, Journalist


Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan, A Video Game that transports players to a different kind of Africa.


KOTAKU, Videogames Writer


Aurion design and feel are unmistakably fresh, offering a bold color palette and interesting unit designs.


POLYGON, Video Game Reporter


Aurion is a fast-paced brawler that gives you access to loads of fantastical combos with which you defeat your enemies.



Joel Couture

Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan has deep, intricate combat for a game whose story focuses on togetherness and community.


Indiegames.Com, Author & Editor


Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan is an incredibly interesting game...The closest comparisons I can make are the very different games Dust: An Elysian Tail and Dusty Revenge, who all have a similar flow to their combat.


DESTRUCTOID, Videogames Writer

Rock Paper Shotgun

As with Never Alone, it’s great to have more games teaching about unfamiliar cultures.




Aurion, future étoile du jeu vidéo africain ?

PLAYTIME, le blog de la culture jeux vidéo

Partners and mentors

Image representing a mosaic of the studio's partners.
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Kiroo recruits for 10 positions (admin, marcom, coders, draftsmen)

Kiro'o Games recrute ceux qui veulent changer le monde Join us only if you feel you are a wallbreaker in your soul.

kiroo games capital is officially open with 150 000 usd subscribed in 6 days !!

Yaoundé, 10 April 2019, After few weeks of teasing, one of the top references of African video games, Officially launches the opening of its capital to national and international Private Investors.

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