Logo of the Kiro'o Games Studio: it carries and reflects all the symbolism behind the studio which is, among others to create an inner awakening among players by communicating existential values of life to them (perseverance, work on oneself, etc.) through the game.The whole philosophy of our studio is summarized in the symbolism of our logo and our motto.
  • Creating games inspired by Africa with an inspiring narration
  • Creating games with great gameplay potential for gamers !


2002-2005 : First amateur studio and first versions of AURION the game

  • Amateur studio MCS (Madibao Corporation Studio) opened at University by Madiba Olivier.
  • 2 versions of AURION the game made in demo Fan Game form
  • The second version left a mark on the amateur RPG Making scene with a leading edge gameplay which in terms of dynamic ideas outclassed even the professional games of similar nature (turn based RPG with QTY tactics).
Images of the second version of Aurion realised between 2003 and 2005. It was a turn-based RPG with untold Tactical QTE phases.Images of the second version of AURION in 2003-2005, turn based RPG with untold phases of QTY tactics

2007-2010 : in-depth training in Gamedesign and the creation of MADIA

  • Writing the main scenario and gameplay of AURION the game according to Gamedesign standard .
  • Beginning sector surveillance and creating various amateur works (mini cartoon, etc) to master all the aspects of gamedesign in a practical way.
  • Opening MADIA and obtaining practical experience in project managing

2011-2012 : creating a model for AURION 1.0 and creating Kiro’o

  • Creating a game model of AURION 1.0
  • First fans show keen interest
  • Birth of the Kiro’o concept and writing the project for professional purposes.
Images from the 0.5 version of the game Aurion: this version was realised in 2012.Images from AURION 0.5 (made in 2012)

April 2013-May 2013 : Mentoring and launching conferences in Cameroon

Obtaining mentoring from the Ministry of Arts and Culture

Souvenirs pictures from the two conferences organised to launch the project in Cameroon. Picture of the conference that held in the Yaounde Hilton Hotel (left). Here one can see the Promoter of Kiro'o Games, Mr. MADIBA Olivier behind Mrs. AMA TUTU MUNA, Minister of Arts and Culture for Cameroon. (Right) picture of the Conference that held in GICAM (Groupement Inter-patronnal du Cameroun). It took place in Douala.Pictures from the two conferences which held in Cameroon: principal project developer with the Cameroonian Minister of Arts and Culture (left) and GICAM conference hall (right).

Two effective launching conferences held: one in the Yaounde Hilton Hotel on 10 May 2013 , and the other in Douala at GICAM on 17 May 2013. These conferences bore the following fruit :

  • Over 180 invitees (members of government, journalists, cultural personalities, etc)
  • Continuous national and international media coverage around the project
  • Reinforcing partnerships connected to the project
  • Building a primary circle of potential local investors .
Some press clippings from the Cameroonian press (Left), article published in Cameroon Tribune, governments daily. (Right), article published in the private news paper Mutations. Some press clippings from local news papers: Cameroun Tribune (left) and Mutation (right)

May 2013-September2013 : Pre studio and media hype

  • 80% of required human resource pre recruited
  • Intense communication and very positive feedback from international players on the Kiro’o concept
    • Developed prototype images
    • 11 reports in the written press including a full page in LE MONDE Eco & Entreprise
    • 31 general and specialized web articles on video games talking about us
      • 24 in French
      • 6 in English
      • 1 in Polish
  • Setting up a personal procedure to raise funds by private equity and international prospection
  • Project selected by the Venture Capital for Africa (VC4AFRICA) programme as the one leading the lines in September 2013
Kiro'o Team's working session in the pre-studio.
Working session with the team in the pre studio
Clipping of the article published in the French Magazine LE MONDE.
Press clipping in LE MONDE magazine

Creating the first professional images of AURION 1.0

Entrance of the Zama Palace (prototype image of July 2013).
Image from 2013 showing aspects of the game in real time: this image shows a confrontation between Enzo Kori-Odan (hero) and Ngarba Evou (his brother-in-law and author of the coup d’état).Image showing aspects of the game in real time

October 2013-November 2013 : setting up the studio

  • 24 investors around the world : Cameroon, France, Canada, Italy, USA, etc.
  • Over 30% of required funds raised
  • Studio equipped and functional for the effective launching of works on AURION 1.0
Pictures showing accommodation and installation works in the Kiro'o Games Studio. Pictures showing the studio being set up

December 2013 : Launching the studio for AURION 1.0

The studio is already functional. This is a view of the technical hall, hall for drawers and programmers.
Zoom on a drawer's screen; on the machine's desktop one can see the studio's logo.
Drawers and programmers of the game Aurion hard at work.
Mr. MELI Patrick, Lead Design seated at the back of the technical hall.
Family picture of the Kiro'o Team.

2016: launch of the the first opus of the game Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan.

aurion pc game

  • More than 95 000 activations worldwide.
  • 90% of the players enjoyed playing the game.
  • Recommended worldwide by more than 50 streamers, bloggers and videogame news outlets such as rockpapershotgun, 3RD STRIKE and Geekundergrace.

Aurion is a smart mix of adventures, complex strategy, explosive combat, all packed in a world of fantasy that is sure to satisfy its players

So are you ready to put your fighting spirit to the test and awaken your heritage? Discover Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan right now on STEAM here.



June 2017; launch of the Digital Mentoring platform Kiroorebuntu.



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