Exchange between BASSANGNA Jean Yves, Kiro'o Games Co-Lead Project and the audience. The theme was "African Inspiration". Right, Mr. HAPPY NDONGO Jesse, young Cameroonian entrepreneur.Mr. BASSANGNA Jean-Yves, Co-lead giving a speech. Mr. HAPPY NDONGO Jesse, young Cameroonian entrepreneur (right)

This is the advice M. BASSANGNA Jean-Yves, Co-lead project of Kiro'o Games gave at the African Fellowship conference which held on April 23, 2014, at the head quaters of the Saint Jérôme Catholic University Institute (IUCSJD) of Douala.

This conference was on the theme '' Which models for a sustainable development ''?

Event's poster: you can read the overall theme "Which cultural models for a sustainable development?" Event's poster
Panel invited by the organisers to ensure a proper unfolding of the conference. From left to right, Co-lead of Kiro'o Games, Jean Yves; Mrs. MAKEDA, maiden name EYOCK Danielle (musician and entrepreneur); Mr. ETAME Paul Kevin (student at St Jerome and moderator); Mr. FONGANG Berthold (representative of the Synergie de la Jeunesse Camerounaise (SJC)) and Mr. HAPPY Jesse, young entrepreneur. The conference's panel from left to right: Mr. BASSANGNA Jean-Yves, Co-lead of Kiro'o Games, Mrs. MAKEDA nee EYOCK Danielle, artist/musician and entrepreneur, Mr. ETAME Paul Kévin, student at St Jérôme and conference moderator, Mr. FONGANG Berthold, representative of the Cameroonian Youth Synergy (SJC) and Mr. HAPPY NDONGO Jesse, entrepreneur.

This conference started at one thirty PM with an introductory word from the representative of the UCAC Rector, followed by that of the president of the student's union.

Welcome address from Mr. BEND Albin, Director of Cultural Works at St. Jerome. He was representing the Rector who couldn't make it. Mr. BEND Albin, Director of cultural works and representative of the Rector of IUC St Jérôme, Douala
Speech from President of the Institution's Student Union, Mr. WANDA Hermann. Mr. Hermann WANDA, President of the Institute's Students Union

The sub-theme of the conference was ''Inspired by the African culture''. It was an opportunity to show various participants how and why Mr. MADIBA Olivier (Lead Project) and his team drew inspiration from the African culture to realise Aurion: Legacy of Kori-Odan ?

How ?

The answer given by the Co-lead highlighted the fact that the research carried out on this sector of activity's environment reveal that the African culture has not yet, if not never been truely exploited in this industry.

To achieve this, we tapped from our cultural resources such as oral tradition (stories, proverbs, etc.), written materials (books which value our culture, among others), movies, customs, African traditions, etc. to create Kiro'o Tales (the stories of Kiro'o), a new genre of video-entertainment based on African Fantasy, which presents a new vision, a sublime vision of the African culture.


He precised that through this game we intend to create an inner awakening among players, especially among young African players who will learn much about the human personality, behavior in society, morals, vertues; in short, learn the African culture which, to be frank is loosing its value by the day.

In addition, we have discovered that storage media produced by Africans to value our culture such as books, cinema and music do not yeild expected results. That is why we thought of elevating this culture through video games since they draw and captivate the consumer's attention, teach them a new history and require their interaction.

Our impressions

We very much appreciate this initative taken by the African Fellowship Group and hope that the promotion of the African culture and youth's entrepreneurship, their leitmotiv will be a solid basis for the sustainable development of our societies.

This conference started at one thirty PM and ended at five PM with a cocktail. But after the cocktail, Mr. BASSANGNA had a thirty minutes discussion with the students of this Institution's computer club and they were very interested by the creation of video games. Some actually affirmed that they will enter this sector of activity after their studies. We were therefore happy to learn that many youths hope to follow on our footsteps.

Family picture with some students of the Computer Club of U.C. Saint Jerome. Family picture with some students of the computer club

Medias were not left out...

Co-Lead interviewed at the end of the conference by a local TV station invited for media coverage of the event. Co-lead in an interview session at the end of the conference

It was a very warm and cordial moment and we hope to be part of the party next year in order to maintain this cultural awakening in everyone's spirit.


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