Young CEO's invited for Panel 2 From right to left, Mr. TSALA (The Kidiaga Group), Mr. MADIBA Olivier (Kiro'o Games), Mrs. Céline Victoria FOTSO (Je Wanda Magazine), Mr. NTEFF (Gifted Mom) and Mr. BOUGHA (presenter of the programme Carrières and Panel's moderator).The young company founders invited for the second Panel. From left to right, Mr. TSALA (The Kidiaga Group), Mr. MADIBA Olivier (Kiro'o Games), Mrs. Céline Victoria FOTSO (Je Wanda Magazine), Mr. NTEFF (Gifted Mom) and Mr. BOUGHA (Presenter of Carrières Program)

This is probably the most significant event that the Cameroonian blogosphere has known in this end of year 2014: the Dots Bootcamp. It was an opportunity this Friday 19 December, at the Muna Foundation in Yaounde, to ponder on digital development in Africa and Women's involvement in the professions connected to high tech.

Two enriching workshops and two discussion panels were at the center of the event. Various speakers brought contributions to the general theme that was: "Digital and Success".

Event's poster: you can read the overall theme "Digital et Succès".Poster created for the promotion of the event. Few days before the Dots Bootcamp, it has been shared on Aurion's Facebook page as part of this promotion

MADIBA Olivier, CEO of Kiro'o Games made an expose on "The Power of African Innovation", the second panel's theme. Find details of the event below.

Workshop 1: Community Management, an added value for our companies

Mr. CHEDJOU KAMDEM, Community Manager at Créolink Communications and Cameroonian blogger (Histoire de CM)

This workshop was led by Mr. CHEDJOU KAMDEM, Community Manager (CM) and Cameroonian blogger(See picture above). He demonstrated to us how this profession of the digital sphere is increasingly essential for companies of the future. The audience was given insight on examples to follow and mistakes to avoid. "Always respond to fans and show them that you are interested by their activities", "express gratitude to fans"; this is the advice that was given to us. "Do not delete offensive comments, do not respond impolitely to insultive statements, etc. are things not to do as a CM.

Workshop 2: Techwomen 2014 awardees share their experience

Techwomen 2014 awardees. From left to right, Mrs. KEPSEU, ASHU, TAYOU and DANEDJO FOUBA

Four Cameroonian women of valor (See picture above)and models for the Cameroonian and African youth made time out to share the experience they acquired during their stay in the Sillicon Valley (United States), within the framework of the 2014 Techwomen Program.

Having visited the headquarters of Facebook, Twitter, Google and many others, they came to the realization that digital and new technologies regulate citizens' lives. "The digital enables to simplify life and redeem time", they said. "During our visit to Google, it was not necessary to sign the register as we often do here in Cameroon. Only our email addresses were required to identify us", Mrs. TAYOU added.

"Africa has the necessary human ressource to embark on the digital. We only need to work hard, dare to undertake, persevere, be patient (since our youths have the tendancy to hurry), remain creative and innovate"; Mrs. DANEDJO FOUBA affirmed. Africa therefore has everything to win in developing the digital sector.

Panel 1: The role of the African woman in business, high tech and art

From left to right, Mrs. EBONGUE Joelle (La Vie d'Ebène Duta), Anne AKOA (Dotslabs and Moshare Magazine, Dorothée DANEDJO FOUBA (Journalist, techwoman and blogger) and Cynthe IBOHN (Blogger and web marketing expert)

Women were on the order of the day during the Dots Bootcamp; there is every evidence to that. This panel was comprised of four women (image above) with as much valor as the others. This very special panel was quite animated; Cynthe IBOHN, the moderator, went straight to the point like the players of a famous French Football Club. Considered very straight forward, her questions often called for much reflection. When it came to the question on how women manage both business and their families, murmurs rose in the hall. The highly committed panelists answered by highlighting the fact that nowadays, women need to work in order to contribute to the continent's development. Consequently, men should not give them deputy roles, but rather, collaborate with them for common wellfare.

Panel 2: The Power of African Digital Innovation

Here, a few young company founders Mr. TSALA (The Kidiaga Group), Mr. MADIBA Olivier (Kiro'o Games), Mrs. Céline Victoria FOTSO (Je Wanda Magazine), Mr. NTEFF (Gifted Mom) and Mr. BOUGHA (Presenter of Carrières Program)) were invited to present their development courses, exchange with the youths and give them some advice. This was the opportunity for MADIBA Olivier to call on the youths to work hard, to be optimistic, perseverant, creative and innovative. "Every morning when you wake up, feed your mind as you feed your body", he said during his speech. Mrs. FOTSO Céline, Mr. TSALA, Mr. Alain NTEFF, under the moderation of Mr. BOUGHA practically shared the same view: "Work hard, create, innovate and dare! Dare to take initiatives and tell yourself that if you don't do it, no one else will do it in your place; persevere and do not fear failure".

He that has never failed has never tried to undertake. The youths were therefore invited to more hard work and imagination.

When will the 2.0 Dots Bootcamp take place?

This first edition of the Dots Bootcamp was a real success. You can visit the hashtag dedicated to the event on Twitter #dotscamp to see the striking statements and advice given by various panelists.

After work, Mr. MADIBA discussing with Mr. Beaugas-Orain DJOYUM, the Director of Agence Ecofin in Central Africa (standing with a backpack), and another participants (around)

The organizers gave hints of the next edition during which the future of African music, cinema, fashion, gaming, cooking art, etc. will be debated and analyzed from the digital point of view. This second edition will take place soon.

Discussions between the Kiro'o Games Lead Design, Mr. MELI Patrick (at right), the panelist Mr. Alain NTEFF from Gifted Mom (in the center) and Mrs. Dorothée DANEDJO (at left)
Some participants, very excited to discover stories of Ebène Duta and those of her cousin Claire. The Dots Bootcamp was an opportunity for Elyon's to make some dedications of her comic book

Kindly consult these pages regurlarly for related information.



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