Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan

Official website of the game Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan. You will find here further information related to the game and new announcements.Aurion's official website

Technical manual

  • Game type: A-RPG (Action RolePlaying Game), Fantasy
  • Date of release: April 14th, 2016
  • Developers: Kiro'o Games
  • Publisher: Plug-In-Digital Label
  • Type of players principally targetted: Core Gamers
  • Genre: Kiro’o Tales
  • Platform: PC (Windows XP, 7, 8) on Steam
  • Number of players: One (1)
  • Game/functionalities online: Trophies and World ranking
  • Language: French and English


Aurion: The Awakening Trailer (February 2016)

Enzo Kori-Odan, prince of Zama suffers a coup d'etat from his brother-in-law on the day of his coronation and marriage with Erine Evou. The royal couple is then exiled and decides to go round the world in search of support. They would specifically have to reunite Enzo’s warring legacy in order to retrieve their throne.

Game’s title screen, the Kori-Odan couple (Enzo and Erine) looking from a distance…Title screen, Erine and Enzo Kori-Odan looking from a distance...

Beyond retrieving their position, the fallen Royal couple shall precisely discover the geopolitical and existential dilemmas attached to their functions of King and Queen. They would have to find answers in order to secure the destiny of Zama.

World and culture

The planet where the game takes place is called Auriona. It is made up of 6 continents. The world’s population is made up of 6 main ethnic groups which are connected to a horrible history.

Throughout their journeys towards these various people, Enzo and Erine encounter ideological dilemmas which make up their initiation paths towards maturity.

The Aurion

Aurion is at the same time a mystery and evidence in the Auriona planet. This energy was discovered a long time ago and manifests in many ways (battle, handicraft, etc) in daily life. Those who use it in battle are called Aurionics and they can increase their power and have access to untold fighting techniques for a short lapse of time.

Enzo Kori-Odan, Prince of Zama is using the Aurion during a combat.Example of a combat where Enzo is using the energy of Aurion.

However, these techniques seem to “come from elsewhere”. During battle, warriors hear their ancestor’s voices. This explains why the aurion art of battle is called the Legacy. Legacies are connected to common elements (water, fire, earth etc) but also untold elements which are a perfect fusion of common elements (for instance water and fire which fuse perfectly).

Aurion can be considered as an energetic form of life which exists in other forms. An Aurion is born from the sum of emotions and thoughts of one or many individuals and can be completed for example as generations of the same family come and go, hence the concept of Legacy.


Gameplay is devided into two phases :

The exploration phase

The game unfolds in horizontal scrolling but with a vertical freedom of movements (just as in the former beat them all). Therefore you will be able to:

  • Walk, run
  • Jump
  • Climb
  • Swim
  • Feed your characters according to their feeding preferences in order to make them develop faster, etc.
A swimming test.A swimming test.

The combat phase

Our goal is to create a high definition RPG 2D Action which draws its inspiration from the tales of destiny in form and which is much more innovative and dynamic.

Enzo has a wide range of techniques for his aerial movements.Enzo has a wide range of movements to manage air combat.

Strategic and epic real time combats (our gameplay is a combination of both the dynamism of real time and the strategy necessary with rounds).

  • Face enemies as Enzo, with Erine’s assistance and make the best out of the couple in combat.
  • Strategic and epic real time combats.
  • Gather your Legacy, unlock devastating strikes to combo with, and mix aurions to create new ones.
  • Striking duels with immersion combat dialogues.
  • Join a spiritual quest that takes our heroes to journey across a wonderful world of African fantasy, etc.
In the game you will discover many fighters: here, we present you a training session between Enzo and his "Ju'u" (master) Nama Yodé.Discover many fighters! Here is a training session between Enzo and his "Ju'u" (Master) Nama Yodé.
Varied combat styles Enzo will also be able to receive hits from his opponents. In this image, he has just received a charge from Ney Ogum, an enemy in the game.Various combat style!

Auxiliary activities

Auriona is a living and rich world. Travel around it to discover the wealth of Kiro’o through many additional activities:

Isao town entrance. Isao is one of the six tribes of the game.
An area of Wasao, one of the six tribes in the game.
  • Untold annexe quests
  • Hunt for scarce monsters and create your equipment with their aurionic species
  • And other interesting stuff!!



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Cameroon's first ever video games, Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan, features an African hero, and is part of a growing video games industry across Africa.

Heenali PATEL

CNN, Journalist

The Guardian

Kiro’o, and the ascendent African game industry as a whole, is an important part of a blooming tech startup culture, driven by young people.


The Guardian, Journalist


Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan, A Video Game that transports players to a different kind of Africa.


KOTAKU, Videogames Writer


Aurion design and feel are unmistakably fresh, offering a bold color palette and interesting unit designs.


POLYGON, Video Game Reporter


Aurion is a fast-paced brawler that gives you access to loads of fantastical combos with which you defeat your enemies.



Joel Couture

Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan has deep, intricate combat for a game whose story focuses on togetherness and community.


Indiegames.Com, Author & Editor


Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan is an incredibly interesting game...The closest comparisons I can make are the very different games Dust: An Elysian Tail and Dusty Revenge, who all have a similar flow to their combat.


DESTRUCTOID, Videogames Writer

Rock Paper Shotgun

As with Never Alone, it’s great to have more games teaching about unfamiliar cultures.




Aurion, future étoile du jeu vidéo africain ?

PLAYTIME, le blog de la culture jeux vidéo

Partners and mentors

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Kiroo recruits for 10 positions (admin, marcom, coders, draftsmen)

Kiro'o Games recrute ceux qui veulent changer le monde Join us only if you feel you are a wallbreaker in your soul.

kiroo games capital is officially open with 150 000 usd subscribed in 6 days !!

Yaoundé, 10 April 2019, After few weeks of teasing, one of the top references of African video games, Officially launches the opening of its capital to national and international Private Investors.

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