Kiro'o Games at the Dots Bootcamp 1.0!!!

Young CEO's invited for Panel 2 From right to left, Mr. TSALA (The Kidiaga Group), Mr. MADIBA Olivier (Kiro'o Games), Mrs. Céline Victoria FOTSO (Je Wanda Magazine), Mr. NTEFF (Gifted Mom) and Mr. BOUGHA (presenter of the programme Carrières and Panel's moderator).The young company founders invited for the second Panel. From left to right, Mr. TSALA (The Kidiaga Group), Mr. MADIBA Olivier (Kiro'o Games), Mrs. Céline Victoria FOTSO (Je Wanda Magazine), Mr. NTEFF (Gifted Mom) and Mr. BOUGHA (Presenter of Carrières Program)

This is probably the most significant event that the Cameroonian blogosphere has known in this end of year 2014: the Dots Bootcamp. It was an opportunity this Friday 19 December, at the Muna Foundation in Yaounde, to ponder on digital development in Africa and Women's involvement in the professions connected to high tech.

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Aurion : Billion dollar gameplay video!!!

Yes ! We did it !! At last, the video of all our expectations is here. The team worked tirelessly day and night and almost lost the skin of their teeth (yeah! a month of crunch – up 24/24 can be tedious you know). We put in all our guts and hope that you will enjoy it.

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Kiro'o Games' website is now available in English !!!

Logo du studio. Il revêt toute la symbolique du projet Kiro'o dont l'une des ambitions est de créer un éveil intérieur chez les joueurs à travers des valeurs existentielles de vie (travail sur soi, persévérance, détermination, etc.) véhiculées dans le jeu. Logo du Studio. Il traduit l'inspiration que peut avoir et tirer toute personne à travers le jeu.

C'est effectif !!! Le site web de Kiro'o Games a été traduit, afin de permettre aux internautes d'expression anglaise de pouvoir suivre nos actualités et l'évolution de nos travaux.

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Aurion: First Images !!!

Enzo’s walk in Zama, in the garden of his native city. Enzo Kori-Odan strolling in ZamaToday we unveil game's first screenshots

For the ocassion, we chose images of the beginning of the game with Enzo strolling in Zama, his native city.

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Ideas Made In Africa visits Kiro'o Games

Souvenir picture of Lead Project MADIBA Olivier and his guests Martin KUMMANN, Max ITTERMAN and Philipp HOENING.From left to right: Max ITTERMANN, Martin KUMMANN, Olivier MADIBA and Philipp HOENING

The Studio opened its doors on the sunny morning of April 24, 2014 to welcome Martin KUMMANN, Max ITTERMANN and Philipp HOENING, three German students and initiators of the '' Ideas Made In Africa project''.

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Cameroon's first ever video games, Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan, features an African hero, and is part of a growing video games industry across Africa.

Heenali PATEL

CNN, Journalist

The Guardian

Kiro’o, and the ascendent African game industry as a whole, is an important part of a blooming tech startup culture, driven by young people.


The Guardian, Journalist


Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan, A Video Game that transports players to a different kind of Africa.


KOTAKU, Videogames Writer


Aurion design and feel are unmistakably fresh, offering a bold color palette and interesting unit designs.


POLYGON, Video Game Reporter


Aurion is a fast-paced brawler that gives you access to loads of fantastical combos with which you defeat your enemies.



Joel Couture

Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan has deep, intricate combat for a game whose story focuses on togetherness and community.


Indiegames.Com, Author & Editor


Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan is an incredibly interesting game...The closest comparisons I can make are the very different games Dust: An Elysian Tail and Dusty Revenge, who all have a similar flow to their combat.


DESTRUCTOID, Videogames Writer

Rock Paper Shotgun

As with Never Alone, it’s great to have more games teaching about unfamiliar cultures.




Aurion, future étoile du jeu vidéo africain ?

PLAYTIME, le blog de la culture jeux vidéo

Partners and mentors

Image representing a mosaic of the studio's partners.
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Kiroo recruits for 10 positions (admin, marcom, coders, draftsmen)

Kiro'o Games recrute ceux qui veulent changer le monde Join us only if you feel you are a wallbreaker in your soul.

kiroo games capital is officially open with 150 000 usd subscribed in 6 days !!

Yaoundé, 10 April 2019, After few weeks of teasing, one of the top references of African video games, Officially launches the opening of its capital to national and international Private Investors.

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Guided tour of the studio

Go through the official pictures of our premises. Kiro’o ...

Pictures and videos from the conferences …

The launching of Kiro'o Games began with two press conferen ...